BUS 309 WEEK 3 QUIZ (8)

BUS 309 WEEK 3 QUIZ (8)

Author: Christine Farr


Kant held that a moral law must have

Which theories of ethics contend that right and wrong are determined by more than the likely consequences of an action?

According to V. R. Ruggiero, how many concerns are common to most ethical systems?

Kant held that humanity should always be treated as

Adam Smith argued that if business is left to pursue its own self-interest

The view that the utilitarian standard should be applied to moral codes as a whole is

Psychological hedonists hold that humans are by nature

Nonconsequentialist theories are also called

For Kant, the subjective principle of an action is known as a

The view that we should always act so as to produce the greatest possible balance of good over bad for everyone affected by our actions is known as

The “hedonic calculus” was developed by

The view that it is morally acceptable for individuals to pursue their own self-interests while engaged in business is called

The ethical perspective of W.D. Ross is

The unnecessary buying and selling of stocks to generate commissions is known as

The view that equates morality with self-interest is

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