BUS 309 WEEK 9 QUIZ 9 (2)

BUS 309 WEEK 9 QUIZ 9 (2)

Author: Christine Farr


_____ means directing, inspiring, and motivating individuals to achieve organizational goals.

Psychologist Douglas McGregor theorized that management attitudes toward workers fall into two opposing categories, which he labeled:

A _____ organization creates flexibility as it brings together specialists from different areas of the company to work temporarily on individual projects.

_____ leaders hoard decision-making power for themselves and typically issue orders without consulting their followers.

SWOT is the acronym for:

There are three basic levels of management:

_____ means breaking workers into logical groups.

_____ planning focuses on establishing an organization’s long-term objectives, determining broad action steps, and allocating resources.

_____ is the achievement of the goals of an organization through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources.

_____ managers assume that employees dislike work, that motivation is best accomplished by threats and coercion, and that people prefer to be directed rather than use their own initiative.

_____ involves storing data and running applications outside the company’s firewall.

_____ is a technology that stores information, such as a unique serial number, on a microchip and transmits it to a reader that’s within range.

In an effort to secure online payments, B2C e-commerce IT managers use

_____ is/are the raw facts and figures businesses collect.

The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in China was about

Apple’s iPad2 can complete approximately 1.5______ mathematical operations per second.

_____ is the result of creative efforts such as books, musical works, inventions, and computer software.

By offering limited access of their intranets to select groups of people, firms create

_____ is an Internet marketing strategy that attempts to involve customers and others not employed by the seller in activities that promote a product.

A data warehouse is

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