BUS 310 QUIZ 4

BUS 310 QUIZ 4

Author: Christine Farr


The third step in job analysis involves

This particular job analysis technique focuses primarily on managerial jobs.

The ____ approach to job analysis requires the specification of effective and ineffective performance.

When an individual seeks additional training and education to improve her or his ability to find work, this is called:

Which of the following would be included in a job description for a computer programmer?

A ____ can often facilitate the forecasting of the supply of human resources.

When an organization attempts to forecast the supply of and demand for human resources, this is called

Anuj looks at a job analysis that reports scores on various items, organized into areas called "Information inputs," "Mental processes," "Relationships with other people," and so on. The scales tell how frequently those areas are used in the job, how important they are to the job, and other measures. Anuj is looking at a job analysis that was based on

The percentage of individuals looking for and available for work who are not currently employed is called the:

Which of the following is an accurate statement?

A ____ provides an overview of the duties and tasks required to effectively perform a particular job or line of work.

A computerized job classification system that is a major source of job information is called the:

On the FBI's employment Page, you read: "To qualify as an FBI Special Agent, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 23 and not more than 37 years old, have vision not worse than 20/40, pass a color vision and hearing test, have a valid driver's license, be in excellent physical condition, and possess a four-year college degree." What are you reading?

Which of the following would be a competency, as described in the text?

The prevailing wage rate for a given job in a given labor market is called the:

Which type of justice refers to beliefs about the fairness of the processes utilized to determine consequences?

Voluntary turnover occurs when

What is the term for the ability of an employer or employee to terminate an employment relationship at any time?

The critical dimension of procedural justice involving the perception that rules were applied the same way to everyone involved is called:

Which of the following disciplinary problems is MOST likely to lead to immediate termination?

When an organization seeks to keep qualified workers, this is called

Allison often stays at work after hours to help fellow coworkers with their training and tasks; this is known as

John often gets into heated arguments with his bosses over his job responsibilities. He is likely to be dissatisfied with his job due to

Which of the following statements is MOST accurate in describing the outcomes of downsizing?

Sally's boss Kim had to choose which workers to lay off. Sally felt that Kim did not handle the situation professionally because she announced who would be laid off in front of all the employees in a meeting, which embarrassed some workers. In this situation, Sally perceives

Julie fired Annette. Which of the following circumstances would MOST improve the chances of Annette getting her job back?

Which of the following is NOT an exception to employment-at-will?

Which of the following strategies would likely be MOST effective in allowing a high-tech company to retain its engineers and computer scientists for an extended period of time?

The critical dimension of procedural justice involving the perception that the person had some control over an outcome is called:

The easiest way for a company to manage an increase in the demand for staff is through

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