BUS 310 QUIZ 8

BUS 310 QUIZ 8

Author: Christine Farr


The conditions on the job that can slowly harm an employee's are called

When a manufacturing company provides safety training to its employees, the company is

Which of the following is an organizational consequence of stress?

In his job as a salesperson, Sam's coworkers have developed informal expectations about how to suggestive sell to customers. Sam experiences high levels of ____ demands in his job.

The stressors associated with getting along with coworkers would likely be referred to as

In 2002, a Cargill employee accidentally died on the job. If OSHA finds that Cargill is guilty of a major violation of safety regulations, then Cargill may

A construction company has determined that some of its organizational practices can cause serious health hazards to its employees. Besides changing some of these practices, the company needs to

Redesigning the workplace to be less stressful would be considered a(n) ____ program.

The adaptive response to factors that place intense physical or psychological demands on an individual is called

Factors in the physical environment, such as lighting, temperature, music, and office layout, have an impact on all of the following EXCEPT

Which of the following is a difference between health hazards and safety hazards?

Workers who were employed in factories that made insulation containing asbestos breathed in tiny particles of the material, causing a very serious occupational illness. Asbestos particles in the air constitute

Which of the following can actually reduce experienced stress?

What federal agency enforces the Occupational Safety and Health Act?

Which of the following is a personal action of individual employees that can be a common workplace hazard?

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