BUS 475 Capstone Final Exam Part 2

BUS 475 Capstone Final Exam Part 2

Author: Knam Lam

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Which of the following is not a current liability on December 31, 2014?A lawsuit judgment to be decided on January 10,2015A Note Payable due December 31 2015Accrued salaries payable from 2014An Accounts Payable due January 31,2015Continuous monitoring, in the contemporary approach, is beneficial because_____________.it increases the time it takes to detect changes in the competitive environmentorganization response time is increasedorganizational flexibility is reducedIt reduces time lagsThe acquisition of treasury stock by a corporation:requires that a gain or loss be recognized on the income statement.increases its total assets and total stockholders’ equity.has no effect on total assets and total stockholders’ equity.decreases its total assets and total stockholders’ equity.You work in marketing for a company that produces work boots. Quality control has sent you a memo detailing the length of time before the boots wear out under heavy use. They find that the boots wear out in an average of 208 days, but the exact amount of time varies, following a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 14 days. For an upcoming ad campaign, you need to know the percent of the pairs that last longer than six months-that is, 180 days. Use the empirical rule to approximate this percent.5%95%5%5%__________involves ensuring proper strategic controls and organizational designs. Corporate governanceStrategy implementationBusiness-level strategyCorporate-level strategy A post-closing trial balance will show:only income statement accountszero balances for balance sheet accountsonly balance sheet accountszero balances for all accountsThe preparation of adjusting entries is:straightforward because the accounts that need adjustment will be out of balanceneeded to ensure that the expense recognition principle is followed.only required for accounts that do not have a normal balance.optional when financial statements are prepared.In a simple linear regression model, if the plots on a scatter diagram lie on a straight line, what is the standard error of the estimate?

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