Author: Christine Farr


1. A(n) ________ is a structured grouping of people working together to achieve common goals
2. Which of the following is made up primarily of external factors?
3. Management is the process of achieving ________ through people and other resources
4. Which of the following job titles is an example of a staff position?
5. The function of attracting, developing, and retaining enough qualified employees to perform the activities necessary to accomplish organizational objectives is part of ________.
6. A union’s ultimate tactic is a ________.
7. Collective bargaining encompasses all of the following issues EXCEPT ________.
8. The purpose of the EEOC is to ________.
9. During the forming stage, what is the role of the team leader?
10. Which of the following is considered an upward communication channel?
11. Deni uses lots of gestures and facial expressions when communicating. These are examples of _____________ communication
12. All of the following are examples of external communications EXCEPT:
13. Implementing a production plan involves all of the following steps EXCEPT ________.
14. A(n) ________can repeat the same tasks numerous times without varying its movement
15. State and local governments may offer ___ to encourage businesses to locate in their area
16. A firm can monitor quality level output in all of the following ways EXCEPT ________.
17. Which of the following is a drawback to using census and other government data sources?
18. The current marketing period where companies emphasize customer satisfaction is referred to as the ________ era
19. ______ attempts to isolate the traits that distinguish a certain group of customers from the overall market
20. Personal determinants in the buying decision include all of the following EXCEPT ________.
21. A combination of product lines represents a company's ________.
22. Where does the supply chain begin?
23. Where does the supply chain end?
24. Only a few Jaguar dealers are located in the Chicago metropolitan area. For buyers who will accept no substitute, Jaguar automobiles are ________.
25. Which of the following is a specialty product?

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