Author: Christine Farr


1. In breakeven analysis, the costs that change with the level of production are considered ________ costs
2. Trade promotion is ________.
3. The method of determining the minimum sales volume needed at a certain price level to cover all costs is ________.
4. Competitive pricing focuses on ________.
5. A paid, non-personal sales communication usually directed at a large number of potential buyers is ________.
6. All of the following devices are computer hardware EXCEPT a ________.
7. Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of a management information system?
8. Which of the following reasons is a reason for the increasing popularity of notebook computers?
9. A computer program that imitates human thinking is a(n) ________
10. Which of the following is considered information rather than data?
11. Which of the following represents the accounting equation?
12. ________ activities focus on selling goods and services
13. ________ activities provide the necessary funds to start a business and to expand it after it begins operations
14. The procedure used by accountants to convert transactions into financial statements is called ________.
15. All of the following are profitability ratios EXCEPT ________.
16. Savings banks were originally established to make ________ loans
17. Which of the following policy tools does the Fed use most frequently?
18. _____ are creditors of a corporation or government body
19. When the Fed sells government securities, banks have ________ money to lend and economic growth 
20. The most common type of order is called a ___. It instructs the broker to obtain the best possible price—the highest price when selling and the lowest price when buying
21. All of the following actions result in equity capital EXCEPT ________.
22. Which of the following individuals has the direct responsibility for shareholder relations?
23. The process that periodically checks actual revenues and expenses against forecast values is ________.
24. Borrowing money ________.
25. Short-term assets are expected to be converted into cash within _____.

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