Author: Christine Farr


1) In order to be successful with Web-based on-line shopping, companies must do all except which of the following?
2) What are software solutions that allow the firm to collect customer-specific data?
3) Many companies require their suppliers to meet what standards as a condition for obtaining contracts?
4) Which of the following is not true with respect to strategic and tactical decisions?
5) When was the first mathematical model for inventory management developed?
6) Vericol, Inc. manufactures drugs using workers and automated machines. The firm has decided to replace two workers with a new machine, while the output per day is not expected to change. Which of the following cannot be true?
7) Suppose that a plant has a daily productivity of 200 parts per employee? What can we conclude?
8) Which of the following is not considered one of the four broad categories of competitive priorities?
9) Operational efficiency is:
10) Suppose that a plant has a daily productivity of 0.85 parts per employee? What can we conclude? 
11) In product screening, issues such as “Will we need new facilities and equipment?” and “Can material for production be readily obtained?” are addressed by
12) Which product and service strategy has the longest delivery lead time?
13) What type of process is designed to produce a large volume of a standardized product for mass production, such as automobiles?
14) A technology which uses sensor tags to monitor perishable products is:
15) Which one of these refers to reducing the number of parts and features of the product whenever possible?
16) Which of the following is not a remedy for the bullwhip effect?
17) Which of the following is a “buyer-side,” typically industry-specific solution?
18) Net marketplaces are designed to:
19) Early supplier involvement refers to the involvement of critical suppliers for what?
20) Purchasing is typically responsible for:
21) A quality circle is
22) One common name for TQM based team work is:
23) A __________ shows the frequency distribution of observed values of a variable.
24) TQM is __________, designed to build quality into the product and process design.
25) Which of the following is not an important cost of poor quality?

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