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BUS 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11

BUS 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11

Author: Melissa Montoya

BUS 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11

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Week 1

DQ1: Business Strategy" Please respond to the following:

Select a company to which you have been loyal for several years. Assess the company’s current strategy and the effectiveness of the strategy execution. Suggest a modification that company should make to its strategy and how it may impact the success of the company

DQ 2: "Strategy Planning" Please respond to the following:

Many companies invest substantial resources to the strategic planning process only to put the strategy document on a shelf until the process rolls around the next year. Create an argument for a company’s management team to actively communicate and implement the strategy that has been planned. Given that a strategic plan has been established for an organization, suggest when the strategy should be evaluated, modified, or redirected. Provide support for your rationale

Week 2

DQ 1: "Company Direction" Please respond to the following

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