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Creative Development Questionnaire 
The “big idea” is a bold, creative initiative that builds on strategy and corroborating research that joins the product benefits/features with consumer demand and consumer’s taste and preferences (documented) in a fresh and involving way, brings the subject to life, and makes the reader or the audience stop, look, and listen. The big idea requires inspiration and gives life to an idea while a strategy requires deduction and only describes the direction of a message. The advertising strategy focuses on the description and explanation of the rationale and overall approach to what the advertising will say, how it says it, and why. It is summed up in the creative brief.
The big idea is about fresh, new ideas that draw a viewer’s attention to your advertisement/promotion. Big ideas are always, simple and very easy to understand. They stimulate the mind and often times they will stir a viewer’s emotions. The big idea is the unique selling proposition, Volkswagen’s was “think small,” Duncan Donuts’ “time to make the donuts,” Alka-Seltzer’s “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Many marketing and advertising researchers think the time for the big idea has come and gone; especially with the emergence and popularity of social media and internet marketing.
To get started in developing the big idea for your product, I suggest you complete this “creative brief.” In addition, completing the creative brief will help you articulate the big idea into an advertisement/promotion for your PowerPoint Presentation that needs to be drafted in Module/Week 5. The creative brief is simply the most important issues to develop the advertisement/promotion around. NOTE: Many of these questions may not be relevant to your product. Make sure you can articulate why you didn’t answer a certain question.
Create a Word document by completing this questionnaire. You must fully articulate and explicate each question/section. If you find a question or a part of a question not applicable, please provide a detailed explanation. Your grade for this assignment is based solely upon the creativity and attention to the details involved in each section. There is no minimum page count for this assignment, this is a creative assignment. Therefore, be creative and think “out-of-the-box.”


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