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Learning how to plan and control project activities to meet specifications for performance, schedule, and cost are among the subjects of
Bartmess and Cerny (1996) identify three elements of a core capability that hinders imitation; which of the following is NOT one of these elements?
Which of the following is NOT considered a characteristic of a service?
What are the two trends in the range of accommodation to customers’ needs?
Customization occurs when
Which of the following uses techniques from Toyota Production System and JIT to eliminate waste and non­value­added activities?
Which of the following is NOT a mass customization strategy?
Which of the following is among the six major elements of a production system? Check all that apply
A purposeful collection of people, objects, and procedures for operating within an environment is known as a(n):
A distinction between normal goods and information/knowledge is that
Which form of transportation system utilizes group technology?
Balancing a production line includes the following tasks, except:
Why do continuous processes typically run 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
Which of the following is not a major element of a service guarantee?
The cost­volume­distance (CVD) model is suitable for layouts in which moving materials or people between departments is a major consideration
A/An ___ item is produced in batches of some size that is set by the customer, and then delivered upon its completion
Which of the following is not a basic form of transformation systems?
Which of the following is a major difference between continuous processes and flow shops?
A general characteristic of a job shop is that it requires a small variety of inputs, and minimal variations in the time it takes for a complete “job”
As the costs of fixed equipment investments rise with the volume produced, companies move from project to job, flow, and then cell transformation systems.
Which of the following is not a well­known problem in flow shops?
Which of the following has the lowest fixed costs?
Of the following, which form of transformation system has the lowest output variety but the highest batch size?
In the Service Matrix, to which quadrant does recreation belong?
In cellular production the cellular form allows for a level of customization usually found in job shops

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