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Business Cards w/ QR codes

Business Cards w/ QR codes

Author: Beverly Elam

* To demonstrate how to create a contact QR code

*To show students how to create a business card using MS Publisher


Students need to present themselves as well trained professionals.

A professionally designed business card with a QR code is essential in today's competitive marketplace.   Students will learn how to generate a QR code from contact information and design a business card using computer software and web 2.0 tools.

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Custom QR codes on Business Cards

Sound File> Custom QR codes on Business Cards

Source: BElam & Sound Companion

I. How to create a custom QR code.

To create a custom QR code for your business card,

go to:

Select the third icon in the top row "Business Card"

Next, select MeCard.

 From here, you will fill in the blanks and then go to the 2nd page.

At the bottom of your screen, you will see Step 2: Customizations

For more information about how to customize your QR code,

watch the next video titled "QR Code generator by Unitag".

Here, you can add your personal photo to appear in the center of your QR code.

Source: bElam

QR Code generator by Unitag - Tutorial

Source: UniTag

II. Business Cards using MS Publisher

After watching this video, answer the 4 Quiz questions located on the top right of your screen.

Source: by: BElam