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Business Complexities

Business Complexities


This Pecha Kucha is designed as a review for the Management course at Showa Institute, Boston.  The undergraduate course is an introduction to business and is taught using the case study method.  Throughout the course, contemporary case studies were designed, using LessonWriter, to demonstrate the key ideas.  The final exam was a case study: FAST RETAIL, written by Hiro Takeuchi.  The students were expected to apply multiple business concepts to their case study analysisCours. This review was a reminder of the many topics covered throughout the semester.   Also, the Pecha Kucha should inform their analysis of the complex case study.

The course has 50+ students taught in a theater classroom.  The students are sophomores at Showa Institute in Tokyo.  The average TOEIC score is 586 out of a possible 990.  They will need to score an 800 to qualify to work at a multi-national company.  The class is full English immersion.

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