3 Tutorials that teach Business cycles--Expansionary/Recessionary (NBER)
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Business cycles--Expansionary/Recessionary (NBER)

Business cycles--Expansionary/Recessionary (NBER)

Author: Colton Cranston

This lesson covers the business cycles.

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Business Cycle-Expansionary/Recessionary (NBER)

Source: Images by Video Scribe, License held by Colton Cranston; Graph of Real GDP 2003 to 2013, St. Louis Federal Reserve gdpc1 series, public domain, http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/graph/

Notes on "Business Cycle-Expansionary/Recessionary (NBER)"

Terms to Know


Gross Domestic Product; the sum of all final goods and services sold

within a nation’s domestic borders; a measurement of economic activity;

GDP Growth

The measure of change in GDP over time.

Business Cycles

The movement of an economy through expansion, peak,

contraction, and trough over time; an assessment of economic activity through



The business cycle period that coincides with growth in an economy.


A decrease in economic activity as reflected in GDP and occurring

during the contraction period of a business cycle.


The business cycle period that coincides with the maximum obtainable

GDP growth rate for a given point in time.


The business cycle period that coincides with the lowest GDP growth

rate for a given point in time.


National Bureau of Economic Research, the economic research

organization that is the barometer of business cycle activity. The NBER

establishes the end and start of the recessionary period.