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Business ethics

Business ethics

Author: Deborah Jones

By the end of the lesson you will be able to define business ethics, you will be able to identify different ethical issues that face business.

This lesson encourages you to think about ethical issues that affect business and makes you think about the morals that govern business decisions. What would you do?

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Business Ethics

Considers business ethics and the questions it raises.

Source: Ms Jones Business Presentation

Business Ethics Task

Which businesses do these ethical issues match up with? Research online and see if you can match them all!


£70m extra profit through our Plan A because there’s no Plan B


ITV investigation reveals workers as young as 9


Gives 10% of annual profits to charity


Excessive water extraction in India affects supplies for locals


Benefits from refusing to invest in unethical industries such as tobacco


Pakistani children used to make products which sell at premium prices


Spate of suicides among workers prompts Chinese supplier Foxconn to install anti-suicide nets around factories


Source: Ms Jones ethical quiz