Business Math : Business Arithmetic

Business Math : Business Arithmetic

Author: Waqas Ali

Main Objectives of Business Math Arithmetic is to explain the concepts of "Rate, Ratio, Proportion & Types of Proportion with lot of Definition, Examples with their Solutions and Exercises regarding the above topics for Practices.

There are Two Sections of this Business Math Tutorials with following Summary:

Section-I(Rate and Ratio):

    i)   Understanding Rate and Ratio                 ii)    Writing Ratios as a Fraction

   iii)   Writing a Ratio in its Lowest Terms         iv)     Writing a Ratio in Simplest Form

   v)    Writing a Ration in 1:n Form                   vi)    Types of Ratio

  vii)   Verbal Problems Involving Ratio               viii)   Using Ratios to Find Quantities

                          ix)   Exercises(Objective + Essay Type)


 Section-I(Proportion & Its Types):

   i)   Understanding Proportion                        ii)    Determine whether Proportions are True or false

  iii)    Means- Extremes & its Property            iv)    Properties of Proportions

  v)    Solving a Proportion to find an Unknown term         vi)   Types of Proportion

                          vii)    Exercises(Objective + Essay Type)


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Business MAth: Business Arithmetic

This Tutorials contained topics:
Rate, Ratio, Proportion and Types of Proportion
It contained Comprehensive Knowledge with Definitions, lot of Examples with their Solution and Exercises Questions regarding above topics for Practices.

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