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BUSN 258 All Assignments Week 1-7

BUSN 258 All Assignments Week 1-7

Author: Irene A. Roseberry Roseberry

BUSN 258 All Assignments Week 1-7

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BUSN 258 Week 1 Assignment:

1. What major corporations that you’ve heard of seem to be doing the best job of building customer loyalty? In what ways do they attempt to build long-term relationships with customers?

2. How do ripple effects escalate the problem of the lost customer?

BUSN 258 Week 2 You Decide: Scenario Analysis

BUSN 258 Week 2 Assignment:

1. What are some factors (patterns of behavior) that project a company’s culture? List several examples from organizations you work in.

2. What are three major elements that complicate listening? Give customer-service related examples of each.

BUSN 258 Week 3 Case Study; Macy s Customer Service

BUSN 258 Week 4 Assignment:

1. Look back on your own experiences as a customer and identify situations when little things have made a difference in your buying decision. Think, for example, of places you have stopped doing 

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