BUSN 258 Week 4 Assignment Chapter 6 and 7

BUSN 258 Week 4 Assignment Chapter 6 and 7

Author: Minh Reed


Reviewing the Facts: Chapter Six--Question(s) 1 & 2.
1. Look back on your own experiences as a customer and identify situations when little things have made a difference in your buying decision. Identify examples of places you have stopped doing business. What little things pushed you out of the zone of indifference into the dissatisfied range? Be as specific as possible and remember that often dissatisfaction comes from a series of truly small, almost insignificant turnoffs. Catergorize these reasons for leaving according to the three turnoffs described in this chapter.
2. Describe in your own words the three categories of customer turnoffs. Give five specific examples of each.
Reviewing the facts: Chapter Seven--Question #2
2. Among the most important determinants of customer satisfaction is the availability of feedback. We gain clearer insight into what customers want and don't want by systematically processing all types of feedback. Describe five ways today's organizations and individuals can sharpen their insights by using customer feedback.

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