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BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam - Package

BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam - Package

Author: Irene A. Roseberry Roseberry

BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam - Package

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BUSN 258 Week 4 Midterm - Version 1

Multiple Choice

(TCO 1) Excellent organizations are:

(TCO 2) The Gallup organization studied the impact of customer ________ on long-term customer loyalty and profitability.

(TCO 9) You can gain loyal online customers through a lack of competition if:

(TCO 10) Customer dissatisfaction with a firm’s phone call handling stems from:

(TCO 3) A smile originates in the:

(TCO 4) What percent of shopping decisions are made at the point of purchase?

(TCO 1) A business will lose 10—30% of its customers in what time frame?

(TCO 8) Behavior is:

(TCO 6) Which of the following reasons is NOT a reason for not seeking clarification in a conversation?

(TCO 7) Which of the following suggestions is NOT part of the minimum requirements for listening?

(TCO 8) To end a call:

(TCO 7) When it comes to listening versus speaking:

(TCO 6) Changing channels does NOT stem from:

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