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BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz

BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz

Author: Melissa Montoya

BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz

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1. Question :

Information technology, such as email, has increased in organizations over the years, which has helped to:

Restrict social network growth

Create smaller social networks

Communicate information efficiently

Make more effective use of time in every situation

2. Question :

The following characterizes the creation of knowledge assets:

High upfront costs and subsequent high variable costs

High fixed costs and high variable costs

Low upfront costs and high variable costs

High upfront costs and low variable costs

3. Question :

John Steele was asked to take over a project after the entire team left his organization. The term that describes his ability to reconstruct what the team had accomplished through reading emails exchanged by the previous team's members can be considered:

Inefficient use of information management

Using tacit knowledge

Usage of project knowledge

Using explicit knowledge

4. Question :

The following are examples of how intellectual property can be managed except:

Converting explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge

Copyrights and trademarks


Contracts with confidentiality and noncompete clauses

5. Question :

Dynamic capabilities include all of the following except:

Learning and innovating

The ability of an organization to challenge the conventional industry in its industry and market

Becoming more efficient in operational processes

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