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2 Tutorials that teach BYOD, 1:1 Classroom Environments, and Flipped Classrooms
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BYOD, 1:1 Classroom Environments, and Flipped Classrooms

BYOD, 1:1 Classroom Environments, and Flipped Classrooms

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson introduces students to the three most common blended learning approaches.

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Notes on “BYOD, 1:1 Classroom Environments, and Flipped Classrooms”


(00:00-00:20) Introduction

(00:21-01:19) Blended Learning Recap

(01:20-02:16) 1:1 Learning Environments

(02:17-03:34) BYOD

(03:35-03:57) Flipped Classroom

(03:58-04:18) Reflection

(04:19-05:05) Conclusion


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Education Powered by Technology

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This site is a USDOE resource providing classroom videos to support the implementation of the National Education Technology Plan. Included on the site are useful planning tools for the models of blended learning. The video playlists are helpful in realizing the plan in action.