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Byzantine Art and Architecture

Byzantine Art and Architecture

Author: Erin Aldana
This lesson will provide an introduction to the art and architecture of the Byzantine Empire.
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Notes on "Byzantine Art and Architecture"

Key Terms


A term referencing the Byzantine Empire, a style of art developed during the Byzantine Empire characterized by religious iconography, very formal, shallow pictorial space and rich colors.


A Greek city rebuilt by Constantine in 330 AD and renamed Constantinople.


Refers to a specific Christian iconography; icon image of Christ understood in Greek as “ruler of all.”


An architectural term; a construction that allows the placement of the circular dome over a rectangular room.


An architecture term; a small arch, or corbelling built across the interior between two walls as a support in a square tower.

Reverse perspective

Also called Byzantine perspective where lines of vanishing points diverge outside the picture plane or outside a painting.

Picture plane

The invisible plane that corresponds to the surface of the painting, the picture plane is like a window opening out onto another world.

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