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C# Integrated Development Environment

C# Integrated Development Environment

Author: Lilian Dyer

To introduce the Integrated Development Environment creating a Windows Forms Application.

Notice that the Form is an object which contains other objects. Also notice each objects properties.

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A note about 'Namespaces"

C# is a powerful programming language.  It helps to have a wonderful editor such as the Visual Studio IDE to write C# programs. 

In the following video you will see that when you create a Windows Forms Application, an instance of a Form will be created with a default name Form1.  This is what you see:

Form1 System.Windows.Forms.Form

He will tell you that System.Windows.Forms is a namespace.  So what is a namespace? A namespace holds a collection of classes organized into groups.

System.Windows.Forms holds a group of classes that can be used by the objects a Form contains.  A form can contain buttons, labels, checkboxes, and much more. These are all classes inside the namespace System.Windows.Forms.

All C# programs use the System namespace which is the global container.   Your program can have any number of namespaces according to the needs of your program.

A Windows Form Object with the IDE

When you create a Windows Forms Application in the Visual Studio C# IDE, you are creating an instance of a Class called Form.
Watch for the properties of the instance of the Class Form in this video.

Source: Enrique David Espinosa

Part 2

Adding controls to the form.

Source: Enrique David Espinoza