C2 1.4 Covalent Bonding

C2 1.4 Covalent Bonding

Author: Gemma Boyson
  • How are covalent bonds formed?
  • What types of substance have covalent bonds?
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How Atoms Bond

Atoms can (and do) bond constantly; it's how they form molecules. Sometimes, in an atomic tug-of-war, one atom pulls electrons from another, forming an ionic bond. Atoms can also play nicely and share electrons in a covalent bond. From simple oxygen to complex human chromosome 13, George Zaidan and Charles Morton break down the humble chemical bond.

Source: TED-Ed

Covalent Bonds

Join award winning teachers Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams as they interactively teach Chemistry:
Bonding-4: Covalent Bonds

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Covalent Bonding

Unit C2 for AQA Science, showing some important simple molecules