C2 5.6 The extraction of aluminium

C2 5.6 The extraction of aluminium

Author: Gemma Boyson
  • How is aluminium obtained from aluminium oxide?
  • Why is cryolite used in the process?
  • What happens at each electrode in the process?

Aluminium is an important metal. It's reactivity means that it can't be extracted by reduction by carbon, as other metals can. Instead, aluminium is extracted by electrolysis. This collection of videos and links explains how aluminium can be extracted.

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This lesson explains how electrolysis is used to extract aluminium from bauxite.

Source: Gemma Boyson

Extraction of aluminium

In reponse to requests, I have added audio to this animated presentation. This short flash animation looks in considerable depth at the extraction of alumina from bauxite and the subsequent extraction of aluminium by electrolysis in the Hall-Heroult Cell.

Source: Frankly Chemistry