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CA3 Research Development . CA4 Idea Development. CA5 Colour Scheme Research.

CA3 Research Development . CA4 Idea Development. CA5 Colour Scheme Research.

Author: Kwa Wei Choon

1. Introduces students to observational drawing.

2.Working from a still life based on a topic/theme, students gain practice representing three-dimensional form. Example,background washes are used to create visually interesting drawing surfaces and to give students mixed media experience.

3. To generate ideas for final work piece.

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Colour combination (Experiment with dry media or wet media)

Colour scheme with various media (dry,wet or mix media)


CA5- Colour Scheme (Colour Effect)

A colour scheme is the choice of colours used in design for a range of media.
Colours that create an aesthetic feeling when used together will commonly accompany each other in color schemes.

This is final stage before, the final artwork or design, been produced. Playing with the colour to get the complete aesthetic match. Try explore the subject matter with complementary colour, Achromatic colours, Split-Complementary, Accented analogous and Compound Harmony.

CA 4- Developing Ideas from subject matter

* Development helps guide you to a final product (painting/sculpture/design) that you love really easily and it also shows the examiner the process you have taken to get to that stage.
* Watch it (10 steps by Art Candy)

WHY WE DRAW? (CA 3- Drawing with details/ Research the subject matter)

Detail drawing:-
The definition of a detail drawing is a separate drawing of a small part or section, as of a machine, showing the details.

Example of CA1 collection for inspiration (collage method)

Example- Research with mix media (Use CA1-collage, to complete CA3)


Indentify your main subject matter- Hand gesture.


Why should I do research? Is it a waste of time?

Inside look at the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab, where scientists unlock vital athlete insights and analyze performance data to help designers create footwear, apparel and sports equipment for athletes everywhere.

As a visual artist, those research & result give us a better understanding of the product/subject matter. The "SWOT" - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.