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CA6 Final Piece planning (exploration) & Completion

CA6 Final Piece planning (exploration) & Completion

Author: Kwa Wei Choon

1. ideas for the final piece

2. Able to select and match materials and processes.The right way to apply media and producing a good quality art work.

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Final Piece

Example : Cubism Technique or Van Gogh Brush Technique (Final piece based on your CA 2- Artists Reference/ Research)

Example: FINAL PIECE "Title: Transform by Hasan

CIE IGCSE Art & Design Paper 1 (Samples)

Outstanding examples: CIE IGCSE Art & Design Paper 1

Think of ;

1. Organisation and relationships of visual and/or other forms.

2. Selection and control of materials, media and processes.

3. Personal vision and presentation (work been informed / influenced by relevant artists and/or creative practitioners).