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Calcium Transient in Cardiomyocytes

Calcium Transient in Cardiomyocytes

Author: creative bioarray22

Calcium Transient in Cardiomyocytes

Contractile force is a fundamental physiological parameter of cardiomyocyte function and can be evaluated in heart tissue, isolated papillary muscles, or force-generating engineered heart tissue (EHT). Impairment to this regulatory machinery leads to serious cardiac dysfunctions. As the interdependent regulator between cardiomyocyte electrophysiology and contraction, Ca2+ is important in cardiac functions. Cardiomyocyte contractility is controlled by the excitation-contraction coupling machinery involving Ca2+ influx and efflux within myocytes. Development of contractile force is driven by an increase in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration from sarcoplasmic Ca2+ stores.

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