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Calculating a T-Test Statistic

Calculating a T-Test Statistic

Author: Ryan Backman

Calculate a t-statistic of a sample mean.

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Terms to Know
T-Distribution/Student's T-Distribution

A family of distributions that are centered at zero and symmetric like the standard normal distribution, but heavier in the tails. Depending on the sample size, it does not diminish towards the tails as fast. If the sample size is large, the t-distribution approximates the normal distribution.

T-test For Population Means

The type of hypothesis test used to test an assumed population mean when the population standard deviation is unknown. Due to the increased variability in using the sample standard deviation instead of the population standard deviation, the t-distribution is used in place of the z-distribution.

Formulas to Know
T-Statistic For Population Means

t space equals space fraction numerator x with bar on top space minus space mu over denominator begin display style bevelled fraction numerator s over denominator square root of n end fraction end style end fraction