Calculating Binomial Probabilities with Technology

Calculating Binomial Probabilities with Technology

Author: mary daunis

After viewing this packet you should be able to calculate the probability for any number of successes in n trials of a binomial experiment, including a number equal to, less than, or greater than a given number of successes using either Statdisk or Excel.

The example shown illustrates how to find the probabiltiy of exactly 7 successes in 12 trials of a binomial random variable with probabiltiy of success on an individual trial of 0.5 and was inspired by the fact that I am from a family of 12 consisting of 7 girls and 5 boys. I wondered what the probability of 7 female births in 12 total births would be.

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Using Statdisk for Binomial Probabilities

Here is a basic example illustrating how to use our Statdisk software to perform a simple binomial probability calculation.

Using Excel for Binomial Probabilities

This video works the same example but with Excel.

Using TI for Binomial PDF: Binompdf(n,p,x)

Calculate the probability of 5 successes in 10 trials where the probability of success on an individual trial is 0.6.

Binomial CDF on TI

Use the TI calculator to calculate a LEFT cumulative binomial probability.

The command syntax is binomcdf(n, p, x).