Calculating Heat
Calculating Heat

Calculating Heat

Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson will give a brief introduction to calculating heat (Q) by using mass, specific heat, and change in temperature.

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Specific heat is the amount of heat per mass unit required to raise the temperature of a substance by one degree Celsius.  The relationship between the amount of heat added in calories to an object that is changing temperature is shown below.



A pot of water with a specific heat of 4.186 joule/gram °C and a mass of 100g needs to have its temperature increased 30 °C in order to reach a boil.  What is the amount of heat (calories) that are required to change the temperature of the pot of water?



Q=4.186 joule/gram °C * 100g * 30 °C

Q=12,558 calories


The pot of water will require 12,558 calories of heat energy in order to begin boiling.