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Calculating pH, pOH, [H] & [OH] for Acids and Bases

Calculating pH, pOH, [H] & [OH] for Acids and Bases


Students will understand the pH and pOH scale is based upon the concentration value of the Hydronium ion. 

Students will be able to calculate the pH and pOH value based upon the Molarity of an acidic or basic solution.

Students will understand how the acid and base scales are based upon the hydronium ion concentration measured by molarity.  The pH and pOH scales and calculation formulas for converting between concentration ans pH and pOH values.

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Solving pH and pOH values for Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases are measured based upon concentration of Hydronium ion concentrations measured in the pH scale.
This tutorial guides students through the calculation process between concentration and pH and pOH values.

Source: Self created and posted on SMARTERTEACHER YouTube

Acids and Bases Scales and Conversions .pdf

This reference sheet displays the pH and pOH inverse relationship.
Formula steps to convert between concentration values and the pH and pOH scale.


Source: Self Create pdf from SMARTERTEACHER

Bozeman Science - Acids, BAses and pH

Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science explains acids and bases and pH.

Source: Bozeman Science YouTube

Crash Course Chemistry- pH and pOH

Hank Greene of Crash Course Chemistry explains the pH and pOH scales and how concentration of the hydronium ion is the calculation basis for this scale.

Source: Crash Course Chemistry You Tube

Crash Course - Acids-Base Reactions in Solution

Hank Green and the Crash Course Team explain the activity of acid-base reactions in solution.

Source: Crash Course Chemistry You Tube