Calculating Target Heart Rate for Exercise

Calculating Target Heart Rate for Exercise


Middle school students need to know how to calculate their maximum heart rate in order to determine what level they should be exercising at to achieve maximum physiological and cardiovascular benefits. Once they determine their maximum heart rate, they can then figure their target heart rate.  Target heart rate is the rate at which one wants their heart working during exercise.

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How to calculate maximum and target heat rate


To calculate maximum heart rate a simple formula is used:


                                    - age


                                  n (max heart rate)

                         .6 *n = target heart rate for exercise


For example, we will take a 14 year old middle school student and calculate target heart rate.


                                    -  14 (age)


                             206 maximum heart rate

                          .6(206) = 123.6 or 124 beats per minute is ideal while exercising                which is also known as target heart rate

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