Calculations - pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-]

Calculations - pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-]

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I can calculate the [H+] and [OH-] for any aqueous acidic or basic solution.
  • I can state the definition of pH as the "power" of the [H+].
  • I can determine the pH given simple data.
  • I understand how pH and pOH are related to 14.
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Power Point - pH in Acids and Bases

Summary of the pH scale, measuring pH and calculating values related to the pH.

Cornell Notes

Basic information on pH formulas, the pH scale and common indicators.

Full Screen

Source: Mr. Bigler

Video: pH and pOH

Quick review and background of how pH was developed.

pH and pOH Examples

Sample problems using pH, pOH, [H+] or [OH-].

pH of a Weak Acid

A full example using a weak acid and an ICE table to determine the pH of a weak acid solution.

Source: KhanAcademy