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California Biomes and Geomorphic Regions

California Biomes and Geomorphic Regions

Author: Renee Haugen

A project that involves mapping, research, and intensive study of California's geomorphic regions and biomes.

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Sources for This Project

The book A Natural History of California by Allan A. Schoenherr will be of great help on this assignment.

Biomes Chart


Source: Renee Haugen

Temperate Coniferous Forest

Source: ForSite Forestry Outreach Site, Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment

Temperate Rainforest (Moist Temperate Coniferous Forest)

Source: ForSite, Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment

World Biomes Slideshow

California Biomes (Prezi)

Source: Scott Matuga, 15 November 2012

California Chaparral Institute

Source: California Chaparral Institute

California Map Assignment


Source: Renee Haugen

Geomorphic Regions of California

Source: Herr, Norman. Internet Resources to Accompany Resources for Teaching Science, 2007.