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California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush

Author: Daniel Saechao

Student Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how (travel methods) and why people traveled to California during the mid-1800s by writing a paragraph and reading their paragraph to the group.

California Content Standard:

4.3 Students explain the economic, social, and political life in California from the establishment of the Bear Flag Republic through the Mexican-American War, the Gold Rush, and the granting of statehood.

  • 2. Compare how and why people traveled to California and the routes they traveled.

ELD Standards:

I. Interacting in Meaningful Ways. C. Productive (Emerging)

  • 12. Selecting language resources
    • a) Use a select number of general academic and domain-specific words to create precision while speaking and writing.

The learner will learn about the reasons why people came to California during the mid-1800s and how they traveled to California.

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You may use any or all of the following resources to answer the following question. Please write your paragraph in your response journal. When you are finished with your paragraph, please turn in your journal.

Why did people come to California during the mid-1800s and how did they get to California?

California Gold Rush Slideshow

Here is a PowerPoint for the learner to go through to find out more about the California Gold Rush. For more information, copy and paste the links to learn more about the travel methods.

Travel by land:
Travel by sea:

Quick PhotoStory on the California Gold Rush

In this PhotoStory, the learner will learn about:
-some important people of the California Gold Rush
-the routes the people took to come to California
-some statistical numbers on the population during the California Gold Rush

Recap of the California Gold Rush

A quick overview of the California Gold Rush.