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California Regions

California Regions

Author: Karina Aguilar

This tutorial will help students learn more about the different regions in California.

Objectives: 4.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the physical and human geographic features that define places and regions in 


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The Four Major Regions of California. 

Desert Regions

The Desert Regions: Desert Regions have unique ecosystems and habitants. All deserts are located in Southern California, there are three main deserts, The Mojave Desert, Colorado Desert, and The Great Basin Desert.

Facts about the Mojave Desert

Coastal Region

The Coastal Regions: Most of California's Coastal region is rocky and with chilly waters. The state of California has two natural Bays, the San Francisco and San Diego Bay.

Mountain Region

The mountain regions: Over half of the land in the state of California is covered with mountains. There are two major ranges of mountains in California, The Sierra Nevada and Coast ranges. 

Desert Regions

The Desert Regions: Desert regions have unique ecosystems and habitants. All deserts are located in southern California. There are three main deserts in California, The Mojave Desert, Colorado Desert, and Great  Basin Desert. 

The Mojave Desert

California Regions Song

A song by Diane Main about the California Regions

This link will take you to a Sciencing website, it will show you and give you more information about the California Regions.

Central Valley Region

The Central Valley Region: The Central Valley is a Flat valley that dominates the geographical center of the United States. The Central Valley is California's most productive agricultural regions and one of the most productive of the world.

The Central Valley

The Central Regions Song

A song by Diane Main about the California Major Regions.