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Can you use an iPad in the high school classroom?

Can you use an iPad in the high school classroom?

Author: Pennie Tubb

Sharing information and strategies directly related to use of an iPad successfully in a high school mathematics classroom.

As high school mathematics teachers in Texas, we are challenged not only to increase rigor and successfully prepare students to perform on state mandated tests, but to also rise to the challenge ourselves of finding new and innovative ways of incorporating all of the wonderful and overwhelming resources and technology.  With today's students who are practically born with the technology in their hand, we are challenged to keep their interest, challenge them, and prepare them for futures that include today's technology and beyond.  These are some of the things I have incorporated recently to discover that some of my duties and responsibilities seem easier to maintain and have successfully challenged students to stretch beyond their comfort zones and make use of the new technology.

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Suggestions for Use of the iPad in the High School Math Classroom

More Information About Useful iPad apps for a High School Classroom

This file gives more specific descriptions of a few of the apps referenced in the leading video along with direct links for downloading these apps and a few others.