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Cantilever Spans: A PBL Activity with Technology

Cantilever Spans: A PBL Activity with Technology


1. I can identify and describe a cantilever span.

2. I can create a cantilever span.

The goal of this project to to learn about cantilever spans and then to create a cantilever span. Afterwards we would like to record our activity using a narrated slide show as well as provide reflections of our learning.

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1. Review the Wikipedia page

2. Watch the architecture video

3. Build a cantilever span using paint stirs and metal washers. Take 3 measurements as you build to record your longest span.

4. Create a narrated slide show

      a. Introduction Slide needs the team members first names, name of project, date and goal of project

     b. Second Slide needs details of what you did to reach your goal and materials used

     c. Third Slide needs what you learned during this process

5. Complete Quiz


Wikipedia - Cantilever Spans

Wikipedia - Cantilever Spans

How to Design like an Architect video