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Author: Kathryn Reilly

    Introduce standard rules for capitalization and common errors. 


    Explain when to capitalize proper nouns.


    Explain what words to capitalize in titles or headings.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand the mechanics of English composition and who is confused about how to correctly incorporate capitalization. It will explain when to capitalize words in a sentence.

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Why Should We Use Capital Letters?

This YouTube production by englishteacherguy explores why we need to capitalize letters, both for the reader and for the writer, all to the soundtrack of "We Didn't Start the Fire"!

Source: YouTube

Capitalization and Titles

This PDF color codes the three rules regarding capitalization and titles.


Source: Kathryn Reilly

Capitalizing Proper Nouns

This video introduces why capitalization exists and reviews several examples of general versus proper nouns.

Source: Kathryn Reilly

Capitalization Dos and Donts

This PowerPoint introduces why we capitalize words, which words to capitalize and which words to avoid capitalizing.

Source: Kathryn Reilly

The Electric Company: Music Video for Capitalization

This "music" video (shared in Texas twang!) briefly reviews the most common capitalization rules.