CARD 548 Week 4 Portfolio Outline

CARD 548 Week 4 Portfolio Outline

Author: Harvey Maxwell

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The key to a Career Development Portfolio is to develop material and order it in a manner that suits you. Whether in your computer or in a three ring binder, the order and amount of material is really all about you. Make the development of that portfolio a labor of love, and understand that it will be changing as your school experience and your career develop. It is always a work in progress.
Suggested Tabs:
Current goals
Work philosophy
Results of DISC Survey and written report
SPR (Stress Processing Report) and written report
Samples of key course outcomes and assignments
List of technical and life skills gained from each Keller course
Personal resume
Work Experience
Journal Notes from GM548
Examples of work experiences
Examples of volunteer and community service experiences
Academic plan of study at Keller
List of professional associations or memberships
Networking connections
Interview experiences
Final slide presentation in GM548
List of favorite web sites
Personal observations: (Late Night Thoughts While Listening to Mahler’s Ninth)

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