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Cardiovascular Assessment

Cardiovascular Assessment

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Conduct a cardiovascular assessment of the patient.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to ask physical assessment questions to patients. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. La Evaluación Cardiovascular (Cardiovascular Assessment)

1. La Evaluación Cardiovascular (Cardiovascular Assessment)

English Spanish Pronunciation
These patches and box monitor your heart rate and rhythm. The signal is sent to a monitor at the nurses' desk so we can monitor your heart. Estos parches y caja monitorean su pulso y ritmo cardiaco del corazón. La señal es enviada a un monitor ubicado en el escritorio de la enfermera para que podamos monitorear su corazón. ace-tohs par-chase ee kah-ha moe-knee-toe-ray-ahn sue pool-so ee reet-moe car-dee-ah-koh dale core-ah-sone la sane-yall ace ain-bee-ah-dah ah oon moe-knee-tore oo-bee-kah-doe ain ale ace-kree-toe-ree-oh day la ain-fair-may-rah pah-rah kay poe-dah-mohs moe-knee-toe-ray-are sue koh-rah-soan
Do you have any chest pain? ¿Tiene algún dolor en el pecho? tee-ay-nay all-goon doe-lore ain ale pay-cho
Does the pain radiate to any other location? ¿El dolor se expande a otro lugar? ale doe-lore say ache-spahn-day ah oh-troh loo-gar
Where is the chest pain? ¿Dónde se siente el dolor en el pecho? doan-day say see-ain-tay ale doe-lore ain ale pay-choh
We need to keep the heart monitor on you while you are here. Usted necesita llevar el monitor cardiaco mientras que esté aquí. oo-staid nay-say-see-tah yay-bar ale moe-knee-tore car-dee-ah-koh mee-ain-trahs kay ace-tay ah-key
Is the chest pain relieved at rest? ¿Se mejora el dolor cuando descansa? say may-hoar-ah ale doe-lore k'wahn-doe dace-kahn-sah
Do you feel short of breath? ¿Siente que le falta el aliento? see-ain-tay kay lay fall-tah ale ah-lee-ain-toe
How long have you been having the chest pain? ¿Desde cuándo ha tenido el dolor en el pecho? dace-day k'wahn-doe ah tay-knee-doe ale doe-lore ain ale pay-choh
Did the Nitro/Morphine relieve the pain? ¿El Nitro/la morfina alivió el dolor? ale knee-troh la more-fee-nah ah-lee-bee-oh ale doe-lore
I need to put some oxygen on. Necesito poner oxígeno. nay-say-see-tah poe-nair oak-see-hay-no
Take the nitroglycerin for chest pain. You may take it up to 3 times, 15 minutes apart. Tome la nitroglicerina para el dolor de pecho. Puede tomarla hasta 3 (tres) veces, 15 (quince) minutos aparte. toe-may la nee-troh-glee-say-ree-nah pah-rah ale doe-lore day pay-choh p'way-day toe-mar-la ah-stah trace bay-sace keen-say me-noo-tohs ah-par-tay
Call me if you have any chest pain. Llámeme si siente cualquier dolor en el pecho. yah-mah-may see see-ain-tay k'wall-key-air doe-lore ain ale pay-choh

In this lesson, you have learned how to ask patients about cardiovascular assessment in Spanish in order to physically assessing your patients. You learned to ask more specific questions for conducting a physical assessment.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Spanish for Nurses" by Stephanie Langston.