4 Tutorials that teach Career Specialties: Cognitive and Neruological
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Career Specialties:  Cognitive and Neruological

Career Specialties: Cognitive and Neruological

Author: Laura Riness

This lesson will define and differentiate the various career specialties within the cognitive and brain-based areas of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the typical duties and setting(s) for each specialty.

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Introduction to Psychology

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  • Biopsychology

    Genetics, nervous system, brain, endocrine system or other physiological root of behavior and mental processes.

  • Sensory and Perception

    Sense organs and how the brain makes sense of, or perceives, that information.

  • Cognitive Psychology

    How humans encode, store, process and retrieve information.

  • Developmental Psychology

    Examine lifespan psychology and the progress of changes and abilities.

  • Educational Psychology

    Studies and helps students in schools and other educational setting; administer psychological testing, construct referrals, assist with classroom learning, counseling students, assess learning disabilities, devise plans for students with learning disabilities.

  • Learning Psychology

    Studies theories of learning, how and why learning occurs.