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Career Specialties: Social & Relational

Career Specialties: Social & Relational

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will define and differentiate the various career specialties within the social, relational, and community areas of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the typical duties and setting(s) for each specialty.

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Introduction to Psychology

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  • Social Psychology

    Study issues of human behavior in relationship with others; issues like conformity, attitudes toward time, personal space, persuasion, friendship, etc.

  • Cultural Psychology

    The study of the effect of culture and ethnicity on individuals.

  • Community Psychology

    An area of psychology that helps groups of people to have wider access to mental health care and educates them on psychological issues.

  • School Psychology

    An area that performs a variety of tasks aimed at improving the situations of students, like emotional and social support, vocational counseling, and detecting and treating learning disabilities.

  • Comparative Psychology

    Studies and compares the behavior of different species to humans.

  • Consumer Psychology

    The study of advertising and how to better reach consumers.

  • Media Psychology

    An area of psychology that examines the relationship between different forms of media, like television, and individuals in contact with them.

  • Forensic Psychology

    The psychological study of the law and criminal investigation.