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Career Specialties :  Workplace

Career Specialties :  Workplace

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will define and differentiate the various career specialties within the workplace area of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the typical duties and setting(s) for each specialty.

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Introduction to Psychology

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Notes for Careers in Psychology: "Workplace"


(0:00-3:29) Introduction

(00:48-01:35) Industrial/Organizational Psychology

(01:36-02:19) Engineering Psychology

(02:20-03:07) Environmental Psychology

(03:08-04:02) Evolutionary Psychology

  • Industrial Organizational Psychology

    Studies the issues of hiring, training, and employee assessment in the workplace.

  • Engineering Psychology

    Designing “user-friendly” technology and the environments; engineering a better human-machine interaction.

  • Environmental Psychology

    Studies the interaction between humans and their environment, including urban issues (overcrowding, noise pollution), environmental impact of humans, attitude about one’s environment and architecture design.