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Career vs. Job

Career vs. Job

Author: Sierra Sandoval

ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors (Domain/Standard): 


Category 1: Mindset Standards

  • M2: Self-confidence in ability to succeed
  • M4: Understanding that post-secondary education and lifelong learning are necessary for long-term career success

Category 2: Behavior Standards

  • B4-LS: Apply self-motivation and self-direction to learning
  • B7-LS: Identify long and short term academic, career, and social/emotional goals
  • B5-SMS: Demonstrate perseverance to achieve long and short term goals
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The Goal!

Our goal is to continue our discussion on careers and jobs! We'll take a look at a few videos, links with more information, slideshows previously covered, and discussion questions/quizzes for better understanding. Here we go!!

Let's Get Started!!

Watch the following videos, read the article that is linked, and review the presentation we've discussed from our previous lesson.

Career vs. Job


After you have reviewed the material listed above, please describe:

  • What you have learned.
  • What a career and a job is.
  • What goals you have as a profession for the rest of your life?

Please complete this assignment through Google Docs and submit through Google Classroom. You may work in pairs or individually.

Have Fun!!