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Careers in Music

Careers in Music

Author: Monica Silva

Grades Nine Through Twelve-Advanced

Visual and Performing Arts: Music Content Standards

Careers and Career-Related Skills

5.3 Identify and explain the various factors involved in pursuing careers in music.



Students will be able to identify and briefly explain three different music related careers on an exit ticket by the end of the lesson. 

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Where Do I Start?

  1. Do well in school, get involved with the school and community through extracurricular activities and volunteering
  2. Take music theory courses and practice your instrument a lot  
  3. Apply to a four year university or transfer to one that has the program you want
  4. Apply for as many scholarships as you can

Careers in Music

Here are careers in music offered at the three universities we will be looking at:

  • Composition
  • Contemporary Writing and Production
  • Electronic Production and Design
  • Film Scoring
  • Jazz Studies
  • Music Business Management
  • Music Education
  • Music Production and Engineering
  • Music Therapy
  • Performance
  • Songwriting
  • Music History

California State University, Stanislaus Music Department

Areas of Study:

  • Music Education - Choral
  • Music Education - Instrumental
  • Performance - Piano
  • Performance - Vocal
  • Performance - Instrumental
  • Composition
  • Jazz Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Music Technology
  • Liberal Studies Concentration in Music
  • Minor in Music

Berklee College of Music

Careers in Composition

  • Arranger, producer, orchestrator, composer, film scorer/composer, jingle writer, songwriter, transcriber, copyist, conductor

Careers in Contemporary Writing and Production

  • Arranger, producer, orchestrator, composer, film scorer/composer, jingle writer, songwriter, transcriber, copyist, conductor

Careers in Electronic Production and Design

  • MIDI technician, programmer, performing synthesist, music sequencer, sound designer

Careers in Film Scoring

  • Film composer, music editor, music supervisor/director, film arranger/adapter, film conductor, film music orchestrator, synthesis specialist, theme specialist

Careers in Jazz Composition

  • Jazz composer, jingle writer, film scorer/composer, arranger (adaptor), songwriter, orchestrator, conductor, copyist, educator/teacher, transcriber, editor (print music publishing)

Careers in Music Business/Management

  • Advertising executive, booking agent, business manager, field merchandiser, music publisher, personal manager, professional manager

Careers in Music Education

  • Choir director, college/conservatory/university music educator, elementary school music teacher, music supervisor, private instructor, secondary school music teacher

Careers in Music Production and Engineering

  • MIDI engineering, music director, producer, program director, recording engineer, studio director or manager

Careers in Music Therapy

  • Music therapist, creative arts therapist, health care delivery professional (potential settings include hospitals, hospice facilities, substance abuse programs, oncology treatment centers, pain/stress management clinics, correctional facilities, and special education settings)

Careers in Performance

  • Vocal/instrumental soloist, session musician, general business musician, performing artist, orchestra/group member, background vocalist, floor show band

Careers in Professional Music

  • Performance careers for vocalists and those who play bass, brass, guitar, percussion, piano, strings, and woodwinds

Careers in Songwriting

  • Composer, jingle writer, lyricist, producer/songwriter, singer/performing songwriter, staff or freelance songwriter

Fresno State

Areas of Study:


Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Composition
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Instrumental Jazz Performance
  • Music as a Liberal Art
  • Music Education
  • Vocal Performance

Music Minor

Certificate of Special Study in Music Performance



Master of Arts Degree in Music

  • Music Education
  • Performance

Question #1

What areas of study does Berklee College of Music offer that CSU Stanislaus and Fresno State do not?