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Casio calculator basics

Casio calculator basics

Author: Christopher Danielson

To demonstrate features on the Casio fx-9750GA PLUS calculator.

This packet consists of two videos showing basic functionality for a College Algebra course on a Casio graphing calculator.

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The most common graphing calculators in middle school through college classrooms in recent years are TI (Texas Instruments) calculators such as the TI-83, 84 or 89. Yet a number of students in my classes over the years have had Casio calculators. These work differently from TI calculators so when I demonstrate TIs in class, my Casio students have to fend for themselves.

This packet demonstrates the basic functions that I use on TI calculators, but on the Casio. Now my Casio students can watch these demos as many times as they need, and pause to work on their own as they go.

Would you like to see more features demonstrated? Post them in the Q&A on this packet.

Making graphs

This video demonstrates making a graph and adjusting the window.

Making tables

This video demonstrates using the Casio calculator to make tables from algebraic equations.