Catching and Throwing

Catching and Throwing

Author: Mikayla Mattos

Grade 3 Physical Education 

Standard 1: Students demonstrate the motor skills and improvement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activity

Substandard(s): 1.9- throw a ball, using the overhand movement pattern  with increasing accuracy

                           1.10- throw and catch an object with a partner, increasing the distance from the partner and maintaining an accurate throw that can                             be easily caught

Objectives: -Students will be able to throw using an overhand movement pattern with increasing

                   accuracy (psychomotor)

                 -Students will be able to throw and catch an object with a partner at an increasing


                 -Students will be able to understand/explain academic vocabulary or cues related to

                   catching and throwing such as, tee stance, follow through, accuracy, athletic stance,

                   thumb to thumb and pinky to pinky

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Throwing Techniques

Cacthing Techniques

Big Question-What are some techniques that are used to throw correctly, and what are some techniques used to properly catch? ​

Please respond to the big question here in the text box. 

Catching Techniques