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2 Tutorials that teach CBE and the Essential Learning Questions
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CBE and the Essential Learning Questions

CBE and the Essential Learning Questions


In this lesson, students analyze the connection of competencies to the five essential learning questions.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Notes on "CBE and the Essential Learning Questions"

(00:00-00:20) Intro

(00:21-00:42) Objectives

(00:43-03:12) iNacol’s 5 Components of CBE

(03:13-04:25) 5 Essential Questions

(04:26-07:36) Connecting Design Principles & Essential Questions

(07:37-07:55) Review

(07:56-08:22) Reflection

Additional Resources

Professional Learning Communities: Four Essential Questions and how we respond

This website from Stevenson Elementary School explains how to use the PLC essential questions to drive improvement. The school draws connections to Response to Intervention (RtI) as well as Gifted and Talented in response to the PLC essential learning questions.

The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment

This is a comprehensive report by Laura Shubilla and Chris Sturgis on CBE. Scroll to section III to understand the design principles behind establishing a CBE learning environment.